Hi I’m Ariana Safari. (Totally real name, definitely not made up.)

I was brought up in two completely different cultures.

At 5 years old I tried to make my other 5-year-old classmates sit still so I could draw them.

I have a love for all animals, especially my own and am an advocate for supporting dog breeds that experience discrimination. I even made it into a project

When I tell people I’m obsessed with Astronomy they ask me about their astrological signs.

I love to make things with my own two hands.

What I learned from bartending: people confide more quickly in someone serving them drinks rather than their shrinks.

When you get knocked off a horse, it hurts.

Let’s chat. ajsafari3@gmail.com



VCU Brandcenter 2019

M.S. Art Direction 

Falmouth University

MA Creative Advertising

Virginia Commonwealth University

BA Communication Arts

BS Psychology


Workpath / Freelance Art Director

Richmond, VA / May - Aug 2018

Yukon Learning / Learning Specialist

Glen Allen, VA / Oct 2016 – July 2017

Partners Andrews Aldridge / Art Director Intern

London, UK / Aug – Sept 2015

Arthur London / Art Director Intern

London, UK / July – Aug 2015


2018 Brandcenter Scholarship

2018 LAGRANT Foundation Scholarship

2017 Richmond Ad Show Student Bronze Cannonball

2017 Henry Wolf Scholarship

2017 Brandcenter Faculty & Staff Scholarship

2017 4A’s Foundation Operation Jumpstart

2016 Richmond Ad Show Student Bronze Cannonball